Tau’Mee and Wyatt are both from Oklahoma. They met playing basketball, and that was that; they declared each other to be keepers.

After dating for three months, Tau’Mee and Wyatt married at the courthouse. Wyatt had received orders to deploy to Iraq for a year, and you see, love just can’t wait. They married in January and four short months later, he said goodbye to his new wife and went on to serve our country. Military life has its own set of rules. Things are constantly changing, there is an intensity to many aspects of it, and it often gives those who are a part of it a clearer view of what is important. Freedom, security, family….love.

Wyatt, thank you for serving our country, thank you for your sacrifice. Tau’Mee, thank you for your sacrifice, as well. It may be on a different level, but the role of the one left behind is one that is not overlooked.

To the both of you, congratulations. I’m so excited for y’all to have your full blown wedding in May and for y’all to share your lives together. Thank you for choosing me to capture some special moments for you to treasure.

~Melissa 🙂