Yes, it requires at least 3 exclamation points!!! We hit 400 fans last night, which is ever so exciting to begin with, but even more exciting is my very first GIVEAWAY!!! (Note the exclamations!).

So, here’s the deal, I’m not going to make you run all over the place posting my link, liking pages, commenting on other pages, then sending others to me, as well. Does anyone else hate that?! Oh, it drives me crazy. If you like my work, you like it, no need to make you work for it. But I digress…

Ok, all you have to do is leave a comment, simply so that I know you’re interested in being entered in the giveaway and I will choose someone at random by 9pm tonight. That’s it. Simple, right?! Why, yes, Melissa, that is ever so simple, thank you.

The winner will receive a 12×18 fine linen signed print ($50 value) of one of my favorite images. This image was taken at the rose garden in Portland, Oregon last September. Local pickup or winner pays shipping costs.

Here’s the image of the print 🙂

If it’s something you think a friend would like, then send them on over to the fan page, as well. Anyone is welcome to enter until 8pm, then I’ll announce the winner at 9pm.

Good luck!