…it’s just another weed trying to overrun your yard, spreading quickly, quietly with every breath of wind. From a distance it’s a nuisance, perhaps another chore added to your to-do list. From a distance you know it’s imperfection tainting your eden, unless you are a child. They seem to be so much wiser than the rest of us sometimes. They see the beauty and splendor in the every day things we now take for granted…the things that long ago lost their magic.

Yesterday on my photo walk in town, I saw a dandelion from a distance. I walked over to it to photograph it knowing that they make for pretty photos, but it wasn’t until I was laying on the ground and inch away, that I truly appreciated its elaborate design. True, my photograph for this week may not be from a distance, but the message this photo brought to mind fell right into place. The message that fits into so many facets of life, is so simple, but often forgotten. From a distance things appear to be one thing, and often whether we know what it is or not, we have a perceived idea of what it is.

This photo is a gentle reminder to me, that from a distance one cannot judge. This weed that is plucked and thrown aside is actually an incredibly beautiful wonder. How many ways can you apply that message to your life today?


Next week’s assignment is something new. 🙂

Happy Monday!