Sunday afternoon I met up with these lovely ladies for our first photography excursion. We didn’t go far, just to our local downtown area, but it was so nice to get out to shoot and explore! We photographed everything from walls, to weeds, to trains, to an the old hanging jail (oooh, intriguing, right?!), and of course our reflections in windows we passed by. Wonder what the person on the other side of this window was thinking 🙂

I arrived late and I was in a horrible mood, one I had been in for two days, the kind where you just annoy yourself with your bad mood…that kind. Within 10 minutes I was smiling and my mood had lifted. I could have been skipping I was so happy. A little photo therapy will do that. Anyway, here are just a few that I shot. I have so many more, but this was just getting too long. Enjoy! And hope to see you at the next one! Oh, if you’d like to know how to join our group, read this!

Happy Friday!