Today we started a new chapter, one that was inevitable, and I’m thrilled about it. It’s a chapter that I think Charley has been quietly dying to reach since we found out we were having a son. So, today we turned the page of our story and found ourselves in the world of baseball!

I loaded the kiddos into the car to head to Drew’s first practice. He was decked out in his wind pants, cleats, and baseball cap. His new glove sat beside his daddy’s in the front seat. The whole way there he asked a ton of questions about his team, the coach, and so many more that I now can’t remember. We introduced him to his coaches and he was all smiles, after he corrected his name. Apparently, he’s decided in the last couple days to go by Andrew, not Drew. So, Andrew, jumped right into practice and had a wonderful time, stopping every now and then to do a few wiggles – I think he has a quota he’s required to meet daily.

We found out that we’ll be practicing four days a week! There’s something new to me, better load up on those crockpot recipes! As he took off his cleats and we got ready to go eat, I asked him what he liked best about baseball practice. His response? “EVERYTHING!!!”

So, there you go, it was destined to be and here’s my view of something new.

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Happy Monday!