This week’s view assignment was close-up. So, here is one of a beautiful rose I found on our last excursion. The sun was hitting it just right lighting up portions of it. Sigh, just lovely.

This next one I had to include because not only does it fit the theme for the week, but also gives you a tiny peek into what my family road trips involve! Any takers? You know you want to ride with us! This is Drew, my oldest son. He had been awake since 3:45 am when we got up to leave for Salado, TX Saturday morning. I was trying to snap a couple pictures of each of the twins on either side of him, but he had his own agenda, obviously. Each time I tried to turn the camera to one of his brothers I was faced with this little face in some form.

So, any takers on that road trip with my family yet?

Be sure to comment on this post with your link so we can see your view of close-up.¬†Next week’s assignment is Precious.

Happy Shooting!