We stepped away from the Packard Car Show to walk around the town a bit. Salado, TX is so much cuter than I expected. They have sweet little shops nestled in the cutest places. After playing down by the river for a bit, we decided to stop in a small store for a refreshing drink. The Salado Mercantile is simply adorable packed with jams, spices, knick knacks, and more. Even better than the store’s contents were the owners. Teresa and Mike opened the store in August and it is such a welcoming place. Teresa greeted us with a pleasant smile and an offer for something cool to drink. We opted for the strawberry lemonade and let me tell you, I have never tasted anything so delicious! Drew and I shared it, but I secretly wished I had purchased a separate one for myself!

The neatest thing about this shop was how involved it seems to be in the community. Teresa told us about some wonderful things they are doing like the Bring Your Own Blanket series for children with Staci Gray, dinners on the porch overlooking the river, and soon to begin, movies on the porch! How fun is all of this?! I wish we lived closer to enjoy all they have to offer. I hope to return soon to take in a bit more of the quaint town, but in the meantime should you find yourself looking for something to do, it’s a wonderful place to visit, even if it’s just for the morning.

By the way, the chocolates offered as samples…they almost kept me there permanently, especially the peanut butter meltaways! Oh my goodness, they were heavenly!

Those melt away chocolates are in the third little holder…heavenly, I tell you!

I love that this is in their window. It sums up the feel of the place perfectly. Such a friendly couple and experience. Another bonus is that Teresa has posted recipes using many of the seasonings, sauces, and other delectable things in there. You can check them out here!

Wherever you find yourself on your road trips, be sure to check out the little local places, there’s nothing quite like them 🙂

Happy travels!