I know, I know, this is so very late and my excuse is super lame! Ready? I went to take my picture Saturday and BOTH camera batteries were dead. I promised myself I would charge them and take my picture later…uh, didn’t happen. Then I thought, “Sunday would be fine, I’ll take it Sunday.” I went to pick up my camera to take a photo….I never charged the batteries!!!! Either one!!! I’m pitiful!

So, this week’s view picture was taken with my iPhone and the subject is the hubster! He is not likely going to be too happy with this at all, but I find it so funny that I had to share. I LOVE when he’s funny! We were on our way to get some pictures taken and if you know about Charley and a camera, then you know that I also make fun of him for his Chandler smile. So, there we are driving along and he’s got that bratty kid look in his eyes and I just shake my head and look out the window. Well, I turn to see him looking in the rear view mirror making this funny face that resembles a smile, a bit. Then he stops and does it again! Suddenly, I break into a huge grin and say, “Are you practicing your smiles?!!!” He smiled at me and then while laughing went back to his practice in the mirror. I told him to do it again because I had to get this for the records!

I’m giggling as I write this now. Like I said, I love when he’s funny!

On a side note, I just realized how filthy my windows are!!! Bleh! You may not have noticed that if I didn’t point it out, but oh well.

The next assignment theme is Words. Oh, I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with for this one 🙂

Happy Thursday!