They met online while he was deployed and enjoyed their friendly chats through Skype. Liz was on a mission to find Charles a girlfriend, but somehow the original plan was derailed. The more they video chatted, texted, and spoke on the phone, the more they realized that the mission had actually been completed.

It could have been how Charles would play his guitar and even sing her to sleep sometimes when he called her on the phone leaving her with butterflies.

It could have been how they were able to be completely silly and laugh at one another.

It could have been that they were completely comfortable in their time together, what little time there was.


…it could have been that they were just meant to be together.

After 6 months of their phone and Skype relationship, Charles returned from his deployment and that night was the first time he and Liz met in person.

Four days later…

…he proposed.

Two weeks later they moved in together and 11 months later…

…they were married.

I’d say that’s a pretty darn good love story, don’t you think?

With love,