“What they have is rare. It’s hard to find a true friend, let alone three of them, friends that just completely get each other. They are silly girls and truly good.”

She didn’t even have to say another word, I loved the idea of this session from the very first email, but I listened as she went on, trying hard not to break in with my excitement!

“We’ve moved so much and we’re about to move again. Natalie is about to be 13 and this is a hard time to move and leave such wonderful friends. It’s the only thing she asked for on her birthday, and I want to give it to her. I want her to be able to look back at these pictures when we’re in a new place and remember how it was, but also I want her to know that she will have great moments again.”

This…this is what photography means to me. Holding on to those real moments with special people. Having something that you can look upon as many times as you would like and feel as though you are right back in that moment. Having something to hold on to when things get hard and sometimes a little bit scary.

These girls are hilarious! From the moment they hopped out of the car they were chattering. I don’t mean talking, I mean chattering, all at the same time and about several different things…but they all understood what each of the others were saying. Girls, a group of close girls, truly have their own language! I smiled through the entire session. I was thinking of my friends that I miss terribly and how we had our own language that not all understood.

Having friends this real and this close is often something that others don’t understand. If you don’t have a bond with someone like this, it’s impossible to grasp. When you do have it, it’s….amazing.

I thought of a great deal of friendship quotes, but one of my favorites that seemed to fit these girls perfectly was this one…

We’ll be friends until we’re old and senile, then we’ll be new friends.

These girls very well may cross paths again, and I hope that each time they do, they get a few photos snapped. Years from now, when they all have their own children and are swamped with the everyday things, they’ll be able to look back at how they’ve been able to grow individually, but never grow apart.

It was my absolute pleasure photographing this session. Cheryl, I thank you for contacting me. Natalie, Ryan, Andraya, Rebeka, and Cody…I thank you for letting me into your little world for a couple of hours, it certainly has brightened mine!

With love,


Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things. ~ Author unknown