I’ve heard many times over that yellow is the happiest color. People will go to great lengths to spread this happiness, even sometimes painting walls in varying shades of yellow to give their days a boost. I don’t know…I don’t feel any different in a yellow room versus a pale gray. Maybe it’s because I carry my own version of happiness everywhere 🙂 I have been told by random people that I am always smiling.

But, in honor of the smiles this color is supposed to bring, I went along with the belief. Charley has a small garden out back. I call the area his crops, mainly because I think I’m funny, but he does have a few things growing out there. Among his crops are these sunflowers that seemed to shoot up over night. The tallest one is almost 8 feet tall! That’s a lot of happy!

I hope you find some happiness throughout your day, no matter which color it may present itself to you. 🙂

Be sure to share your link so we can see your happy view! Next week’s Uhhh, I mean Monday’s theme is time, which is quite ironic, because I’m pretty sure mine will be late.

Have a safe and happy weekend!