I’ve been swamped so I haven’t been able to keep up with the glimpses project from Chic Critique Forum, but I do love it. Here is a quick view of what we did on Wednesday. Drew’s last day of school was on Tuesday and I wanted to jump right in to our summer fun. I am trying to do an activity of sorts each day, we’ll see how it goes. Our first one was a tornado in a jar. He’s obsessed with tornados, always saying he sees one when we’re driving, loves to watch videos on them, read books about them…obsessed.

I found this link via Pinterest on how to make a tornado in a jar. It was super quick three things needed (including the jar) and you’re on your way to a contained tornado. Drew is really funny about the things he finds exciting. He’s been to Disney World twice and though he had fun, we never got that burst of excitement that we expected. However, we could roll down the windows in the car and have it blow directly in his face and you would think he was told he was moving into Disney World and would have to test each ride daily. Anyway, I say that because I wasn’t sure of the reaction he would give me after this activity. Many times I think it’ll be great and he just gives me a small smile, almost like, oh good one mom, better luck next time, kind of smile. However, this one was a hit! He even exclaimed, “This is my best toy EVER, better than any toy, and when I get new toys this will still be my best one.”