Sitting here typing I feel it flying by me. I need more of it, don’t we all?! I can feel my stress level building as I try to get this post completed, which is silly because this is not stressful by any means. It’s something that is fun for me. I think the stress comes when I think of all I have to do with the little time I have to do it in.

Of course, this is late, by a week, which is just typical me if it’s not something that is absolutely necessary to our survival! I’ve always been a procrastinator, I work better under pressure. However, if I take a moment to think about time, I do feel my heart race a bit, feel my mind start to dart around, just barely touching the ideas, jobs, expectations, etc. that have been planted there. I have to actively remind myself to breathe a bit slower and focus on one thing at a time, which helps soothe my erratic thoughts for a few seconds until they are off again…lather, rinse, repeat.

I bought this hour glass for myself a few months ago, excited to find it in my logo color. It’s not a true hour’s worth of sand in there, which makes me feel a bit cheated and ridiculously, a bit more stressed out. There’s just so much that I want to do….*sigh*

So, with that, I’ll share my picture and move on to the next thing, instead of sitting here feeling despondent about my loss of hours in a day 🙂

Our next topic is night, due today! Ha! Hopefully we can get this back on track and have it up in a day or so, but I’ll also share next week’s topic of yellow so that you can work ahead if you are joining me.

Happy Monday!