I imagine those last few beads of sweat sliding down his face, drawing out the remainder of his energy as it falls to his muddied boot. I see him saunter towards his refuge, dragging his worn body from his day’s labor, no doubt tasting that ice cold tea in his mind. The front steps reach out to welcome him and he pauses to reflect on his difficult work, but also to remember all that he has been blessed with.

It’s not everyday that a man can call such a beautiful space his own. Surrounded by the splendors of this earth he no longer feels that his exhaustion is troublesome. He feels prideful and empowered by all his hands can accomplish. The strength of the land runs through him as the last rays of the day’s sun spread gloriously onto his home, his place to restore his mind and body for tomorrow’s challenges. He welcomes the coming night with a knowing smile, as though they share something no one else would understand. With one last glance at the grasses being caressed by the cooling breeze, he looks to the sky thanking those who passed this gift on to him and slowly crosses the threshold into loving arms.

The night seems to take its time closing in as if it, too is admiring the space before it. With reluctance, it finally casts out the remaining light and bathes the grasses and mountains in its soft blanket. This day has been a success.


*I must admit that I’m not sure what week we are on for the view, so I will just keep moving along. Our next assignment, which would be due tomorrow, or sometime this week, is I’m Thankful. Happy Shooting! Be sure to leave your links in the comments below.

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