What? The View? Does that still exist?

I know! It seems like this time of year just completely throws me off my view project. I honestly don’t know what week we are on. I hope to sit down to figure it out later today, but for now I just thought I’d share my view from last week  just to get one out there. 🙂 I can do that because it’s my project :oP

This was taken at the small butterfly garden in Moody Gardens Rainforest pyramid. Shortly before I took this photo, this little guy was sitting on Drew’s finger, which made him thoroughly happy…Drew, that is. I don’t know how the butterfly felt about the intruding hand! Anyway, he landed gracefully, as butterflies are known to do, on the flowers and it was just simple and lovely.

I hope you find some simple and lovely in throughout your day, we all need it 🙂