This is one of my favorite sessions to date. We had to reschedule our original session date due to weather and Lisa sounded a bit hesitant on the phone. I told her not to worry, I wanted their experience to be fabulous and worrying about the ground being muddy would just leave them all feeling cautious. During your session, I want you to be able to play and interact unrestricted! I’m so glad that we rescheduled and I think the images are incredible!

Lisa mentioned that they just love to play and have fun with their little boy, Mason. Well, that was clear immediately. He is such an adorable little boy and we had such a great time running around and simply playing.

Lisa and Rob did a fantastic job of pretending I wasn’t there. If you want those candid images that’s exactly what you need to do. I would direct them occasionally or offer some ideas of things to do, but then I’d step back and let them go. Everything was so natural and easy, which made their joy and love stand out in their images.

I have so many favorites from this session, but this one below, well, it’s holding tight to my heart! This is the type of image that should be displayed where everyone can see it…and it should be large! Playful and unforgettable, fun and fabulous!

I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with this precious family. Better yet, Lisa has become a fabulous friend! What an amazing thing it is for your clients to become friends! I’m a lucky lady!