I love little quirky things that make people who they are. With that said, I thought I’d share some of mine 🙂

  1. I love to laugh, it’s my favorite. The kind of laughing that makes you want to throw up…that’s the best. Once, in fifth grade, I was drinking a grape soda at lunch and my friend did something that I found hilarious (which really doesn’t take much). I laughed so hard that grape soda was pouring out of my nose. Doesn’t feel good, my friends, but it did have me laughing even harder. 
  2. I LOVE to explore and be outside. However, if it’s a place I’ve never been to before or I’m not very familiar with, I won’t go alone. I have an irrational fear that no matter where it is, someone is lurking and wants to steal me.
  3. I absolutely LOVE hiking, but secretly spend a good bit of my hike searching for mountain lions and bears and planning my best method of survival and how to save my kids.

Leesville-Adventure-Explore-Photo       4.  I’m generally a very happy person, but I’m heavily influenced by those around me. If someone seems to be in a bad mood, I instantly feel like I’ve done something wrong and feel like I’m walking on egg shells, even if it has nothing to do with me.

5.  I can watch surgeries on TV, deal with bloody noses, other bodily liquids (thanks to kids), and gory things don’t bother me. However, if Charley comes over to show me a paper cut, my stomach flips and I instantly bend holding my stomach.

6. When I was little I liked to  pretend I could swim like Ariel, you know, the mermaid. I even had myself convinced for a good while that I was really able to breathe under water. And by a good while, I mean, I’m not fully convinced that it did not happen 😉

7.  Beautiful things inspire me, but so does reading, and everyday activity. I never know what will get me motivated, but I always love the surprise!

And there you go, random things that make me…me. Catch more personal images here!


What are some of your random quirky things? I’d love to hear them!