You’ve asked for them and I’ve got ’em! Mommy & Me Sessions are coming to the Leesville area and they are going to be simply fabulous!

If you’re anything like me, you’re usually the one behind the camera. You’ve got loads of photos of your kiddos on their own and with others. Occasionally, you’ll find yourself in a few, and when that happens, they’re not the ones you wanted. You have a million reasons not to be  in the pictures and sadly at the top of many a mother’s list is her appearance. Here’s the deal, this is you as of right now. Whether you are thoroughly satisfied with the you of today or not, this is the you your children see and love whole-heartedly.

This is the you that wipes their tears.

This is the you that sweeps them up into snuggly hugs.

This is the you that sends them into fits of giggles.

This is the mother they know and the one they will look back on years from now and see not a single flaw that you may have seen in yourself. Don’t hide from the camera. Don’t be absent from those incredible moments with your kids. Celebrate your connection. The special bond that is mother and child alone.

With that said, I understand feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera. I don’t want you to worry about that with these sessions. Each Mommy that books a Mommy & Me Session will automatically be given a complimentary appointment to have your hair and makeup done at a fabulous local salon! How many times do you walk out after having your hair done and think, “Man, I look good, too bad I have nothing to do.”?  Problem solved!!! 🙂

So, here are the dates! I will only be taking a limited number of sessions, so be sure to contact me ASAP!


Have a fabulous day!