I can’t believe that these two are already one! Older now, since it has taken me a while with the blog post. I absolutely love photographing babies and kiddos, but there is something so incredibly amazing being able to document them with the Watch Me Grow plans. I get to really become a part of their little lives and I’m so very attached to these images that I share with the families. I’m also quite attached to all these littles, seeing them hit those milestones is such an incredible joy for me. I’m so thankful to be a part of these kiddos’ lives even if it’s just a small part.



Of course, you can’t have a birthday session with twins without a cake smash!!! Bring it on! Deidra made both of these cakes herself and I’m forever in awe that she 1. knows how to make such lovely cakes and 2. that she finds the time!


Until next time!

~Melissa 🙂