This soon-to-be graduate of Pickering High School contacted me saying that her senior year had been absolutely perfect, except that she hadn’t done her senior photos, yet. Rahel had seen my work before when her sister was involved in one of my favorite sessions to date. I was so impressed by her happy spirit and quite honored that she wanted me to help her complete her perfect senior year.

After a good bit of discussion I learned the following things about Rahel:

  • She likes loves the color pink and anything pretty.
  • She is Hungarian.
  • She has worked very hard to learn the English language quickly and fluently. If it weren’t for a slight accent you’d never notice it wasn’t her first language.
  • She is genuinely nice. Truly. And happy, we laughed throughout the session and had so much fun.
  • She’s an inspiration.
  • She’s appreciative of everything she has and everyone in her life.
  • She truly admires her mother. In fact, while her mother went back to the car  to get Rahel’s brush, she said to me, “She’s so nice. I want to be just like her.” For a teenage girl to say those words about her mother…well, let’s just say I wish it were more common than it is.
  • This girl knows the kind of person she wants to be and I have no doubt she will achieve her goals and then fly past them!

So, Rahel, congratulations on finishing this chapter of your life. Here’s to many more epic adventures, incredible moments, and achieving dreams you have yet to imagine. Always remember where you started and hold on tight to those important to you.


It was a pleasure working with you!