You watch as the sun slowly crawls along the horizon leaving each cloud, each blade of grass, each jagged edge of the mountains with a supernatural glow. It rises slow enough to bless the countryside with its warmth and light. That blessing seems to warm your soul and a smile spreads across your face without your knowledge. If ever there was a moment so breathtakingly beautiful, this must be it.

Imagine now, that this is your last sunrise. This is the method in which your last day on this Earth has begun. What will you do? It’s a question heavy enough to consume your final day along with the days that would follow, if there were any remaining. Have you lived fully?

What will your focus be today?

Each day we are thrown into a ring from the moment our feet hit the floor. In some instances there are obstacles flying toward us at such a speed we are left blindsided, but more often than not, the obstacles are ones we create ourselves. If you woke to this final sunrise, what would you release into the morning breeze and what would you embrace? What changes could you make to create a more meaningful life? Let go of all the reasons things are difficult, there will always be difficulties in one form or another. Your shifts could be minor, sometimes they make the biggest impact.

Imagine living your today…


as if it were your last; allow the warmth and light to spread through you and beyond to those your cherish.