This is one of those sessions that will always stay with me. Sara wanted photos before John deployed. She had just recently joined him here since she was finishing up her degree back home. They thought they’d have a bit more time, but as things go in the military dates get changed and so do your plans. John would be heading out sooner than expected, a job he takes very seriously, truly proud to serve.

Ft. Polk-Deployment-Family-PhotoFt. Polk-Deployment-Family-PhotoFt. Polk-Deployment-Family-Photo

Everything about this session was so relaxed and almost peaceful. We walked around and I was privileged to witness family moments that are simply precious. There are three things about this session that make it a favorite.

1. The way John interacts with his precious little girl. He lights up when she smiles and in response she just beams at him.

Ft. Polk-Deployment-Hodges_Gardens-PhotoFt. Polk-Deployment-Hodges_Gardens-PhotoFt. Polk-Deployment-Family-Photo

2. Throughout the session they did an amazing job of ignoring me and just savored the moments of being together. This is the best way to accomplish beautiful photos. If you’re not worrying about how you look and fidgeting, if you’re living in the moment with those you’re with, you’ll end up with truly amazing photos.


3. I love the way John was able to let down his guard and forget I was there to really be present with Sara. It’s clear he knows how to be there for her, how to help her smile when she’s on the verge of tears, and how to distract her from what may be headed their way.


To your sweet family, thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for you. John, thank you for your service, I wish you a safe and speedy return. I know two girls that are counting the days! 🙂

With love,