This precious family joined the ranks of parenthood as they were blessed with an adorable little girl. Ellorie came along just before her dad had to deploy. We had planned on a typical newborn session, however, due to extenuating circumstances we were unable to do that. I met Miss E a few weeks after she was born and we opted to make this a lifestyle type session. It was also important to Laura to include their dogs who are just as big a part of their family.

This little guy is quite hilarious! His name is Barkley, which I love, and he is obsessed with chasing toys! I mean obsessed!!! He literally will not let you be until you’ve thrown a toy, and once he retrieves it he expects you to continue as though you have nothing else in the world to tend to. He’s so funny!


Mama mentioned how much Miss E liked being outside in the sunshine. We headed out to the backyard to let her bask in the sun and snuggles 🙂


Of course, the pups had to join in on the snuggles, too!


Ellorie’s room is just adorable. Bits of precious are evident everywhere. All the little trinkets and special touches show how much thought is put into welcoming a new little being to your home.


I do believe that whole wrapped around your finger business starts about week one. I’m pretty sure Ellorie’s hold is strong and never ending 🙂


Wishing you all many blessings with your new bit of amazing! Thank you for your service to our country and for all your whole family gives. Most of all, thank you for letting me be a part of your world.