We love to travel as a family and occasionally on our own. Every time we venture to a new place we want to have something beyond the photos (that may or may not still be on my computer) by which to remember our adventures. The trouble with souvenirs is that they are mostly worthless little trinkets that break before you get them home. Sometimes you’ll find something meaningful, but more often than not you see the same souvenir everywhere you go with a different location printed on it.

T-shirts and hats pose another option, however, how many t-shirts and hats could you possibly need? I have trouble spending the additional money on items like these, especially when we travel often. I came up with a solution several years ago and it has solved our souvenir dilemma along with creating a nice tradition.

Each new place that we visit we choose as a family and purchase a Christmas ornament. They almost always have them available no matter what time of year it is. It has satisfied our need for a little trinket, but relieved us of the added clutter that accompanies minute figures or snow globes. Here’s the added bonus, each year as we gather to decorate our Christmas tree, we get to relive our adventures. It provides excitement wondering which ornament will be opened next. It also provides a great family experience with lots of meaningful discussion and reminiscing. With each ornament added to the tree you’ll also find smiles, laughter, and ideas for new adventures. It’s a win win!


If you’re looking for a new way to hold onto travel memories, this one could be for you 🙂 Happy trails!