I met this fantastic family for their mini session and was so excited the moment they hopped out of the truck. These guys certainly were styling! Mom is just beautiful and her boots were fabulous, the boys looked like mini GQ models, and that little lady though not your typical girly-girl could have fooled me! It was a quick session, but yet another one that I kept saying, “Just one more shot, one more and you’re done” followed by me convincing them that I needed another. Joelle, you have a beautiful family. I’m looking forward to our next session with all the members 🙂

Ft. Polk-Family-Sessions-Photo

Ft. Polk-Family-Sessions-PhotoFt. Polk-Mother-Son-PhotoFt. Polk-Mother-Daughter-PhotoFt. Polk-Family-Sessions-PhotoFt. Polk-Family-Sessions-PhotoFt. Polk-Family-Siblings-PhotoFt. Polk-Child-Portrait-PhotoFt. Polk-Child-Portrait-PhotoFt. Polk-Child-Portrait-PhotoFt. Polk-Famiy-Portrait-Photo