Almost a year ago (good heavens I’m behind on blogging!) I met up with one of my sweetest friends and her family. I student taught under Kim in my last semester in college. We both lived in Galveston and our husbands were both going to the same medical school in Galveston. I loved every single thing about that semester and much of that was because of Kim and the other team members. Since that time we’ve moved to different locations and our lives have continued on as they are known to do, but I still keep up with her and love seeing her family.

Dallas has so many beautiful little parks and treasures that make for lovely eye candy 🙂 This particular park is located in Richardson and I fell in love the moment I saw the yellow leaves coating the ground. Add an adorable family and you’ve got a perfect scenario!

Here are a few images from their session 🙂


Always fun to see y’all. Hope to meet up again soon!