You want your family session to be an honest reflection of personalities? A reflection of how you interact with one another? Well, here’s my best advice…Go Play!

Yes, you spent time coordinating outfits and have expectations of what you want your session to be, but the best way to achieve beautiful portraits, is when you don’t think of them as portraits! Crazy, right?!

Go play in the woods, go jump into the leaves, have tickle fights, make jokes and funny faces. All of these things will create the most real moments, the ones you will treasure and make you smile each time you pass by them hung on the wall. In addition, you may even find me jumping in some leaves because I’ll do anything for a smile from the kiddos and I can’t resist a pile of leaves, even if it means losing my keys in them and having to create a mini post session search party 😉


McKinney-Family-Park-PhotoMcKinney-Family-Park-PhotoMcKinney-Family-Park-PhotoMcKinney-Family-Park-PhotoMcKinney-Family-Park-PhotoMcKinney-Family-Park-PhotoMcKinney-Family-Park-PhotoMcKinney-Family-Park-PhotoMcKinney-Family-Park-PhotoHave fun, explore, play, and the photos will be beautiful.

~ Melissa