The travel bug seems to bite me more frequently than ever before. You’d think I would have my fill traipsing around with all three kiddos in long car journeys. It’s not as if we have nothing else going on at home. I’m on the brink of overwhelmed much of the time, but not so much that I can’t squeeze in a bit more procrastinating. Many times right on the edge of the cliff, just when I’m busy checking things off the list one by  one, I get the itch. I get a little distracted with what I was doing and mid check mark I find myself perusing travel photos. I have thousands upon thousands of images on my computer along with others on three hard drives, and I confess, I have no idea what many of them are. You see, despite my best intentions they become buried deep within my computer.

Every now and again, however, when that wanderlust feeling starts knocking from within, I find myself digging through the mines of my computer to seek a few gems. A few images that will quiet the restlessness inside for one more day. I thought I’d share a few in the event that your restlessness is scratching from within, as well. Perhaps, it will buy us all a bit more time simply by saying, “Shhhh, just look and I promise to wander soon.”

Landscape-Lake Michigan-Lighthouse-PhotoUpper Peninsula-Michigan-Mackinac-PhotoChicago-Travel-Fountain-PhotoChicago-Landscape-Travel-PhotoChicago-Landscape-Travel-PhotoChicago-Landscape-Travel-Photo