A boudoir session is a very personal choice and is not for everyone, however, they can be tastefully done and the results are exquisite. A wonderful opportunity for jumping into this type of session is for those brides-to-be. A boudoir session with an album full of your images makes for a perfect wedding gift for your hubby-to-be. I met up with this beautiful lady in Dallas, TX for just that reason.

If you’re considering this type of session, here are a few things to consider:

1. Choose the location – You need to be a place that you’ll be comfortable. If your own bedroom is put together nicely, there’s no clutter,¬†there’s a window that allows a good bit of natural light, and you are most comfortable there, then that’ll work. If not, opt for a bed and breakfast or a hotel room. One thing to consider if opting for the hotel, however, is the decor. While it doesn’t have to be a room that breaks the bank, you want to consider a place that has clean and elegant decor.

2. Determine ahead of time what you are willing to reveal and communicate that with your photographer. He/she should be able to take what you’re comfortable with and work the angles to give you the most flattering poses. Communication is key!

3. What to wear? If you are uncomfortable showing a lot of skin, you probably don’t want to jump straight into the lacy bra and panties. Choose things that are flattering to your body type. Remember you are dressing for you, not the magazine ad. Also, bring several options to change into to give you a nice variety.

4. Relax and even bring a trusted friend. Having someone else as a buffer is a huge help along with some music. We had both during this session and it helped everyone chill out a bit, which in turn allows for more relaxed and beautiful images. Besides, how often do you get to play model in stuff like this?! Bring out your inner model and have fun with it.

This beautiful girl was a joy to work with. We had a great time posing and creating an incredible keepsake for her now husband. It’s definitely a gift that would be very hard to top! Our goal was to create sexy, but classy images. Some of them are little more daring, but overall we had a great balance with those and the soft, pretty shots. I had a blast and I think it’s definitely a session worth considering.


L, you are gorgeous, thank you for choosing me to capture these for you.