Oh, y’all I have something super exciting to share today. Take a minute, go grab yourself a hot cup of coffee (or reheat it for the seventh time), and come right back, this is good stuff.

Ok, got your coffee? Good. I’m going to share a new way to shop for clothing. I honestly don’t know how long Stitch Fix has been around, but it’s fairly new to me. I had heard about this personal stylist/shopper service about a year ago and thought, “Oh, that would be amazing!” and then I thought, “But, that would never work for me because I’m so short, pants would never fit me, and I have to return things I don’t want to keep? I never make it to the post office – I will end up keeping everything because I never went and I’ll be stuck with all these clothes that don’t fit and I don’t want, and, and, and…”

Stop. Take a deep breath, are you getting anxious and thinking some variation of those things? I’m about to break this whole thing down to you and I promise it’s not nearly as daunting as it may seem.

Step 1: Sign up for an account.

  • You can follow this referral link, in which I will receive a credit {choose this method :oP} and then, when you love Stitch Fix, you’ll get your own referral link to send to your friends and family.
  • Or, you can sign up for an account at Stitch Fix on your own.

Step 2: Fill out your style profile.

  • The more detailed you are, the better. However, if you don’t know some things, for example, your measurements, don’t worry about it.
  • Start a Pinterest board that is dedicated to clothing you find appealing. Here is my board that is frequently updated. Link this board to your Stitch Fix account. Your personal stylist will get a much better idea of your style and what you tend to go for most often.
  • Follow the steps through set up and arrange your first delivery.

Stitch Fix will send you five items. These items can range from accessories to shoes and clothes. You have the ability to say you never want to receive certain items in your profile. When your fix ships, you will be charged a $20 styling fee. Nothing else at this point. You will not have to pay the total amount for the clothes and then be reimbursed, just $20. Stitch Fix will keep you updated on your package and you’ll even be able to track it. Many times, it will arrive sooner than scheduled. And then the fun begins:

Step 3: Open it! Open it! Open it!!!

  • Inside you will find a prepaid addressed envelope to use for any returns and an envelope containing the itemized bill and styling cards.

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

The goods!!! I love the simple, but appealing packaging.

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

Inside the box you are given very clear instructions.

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

The styling cards are great. They show you different ways to wear the items they have sent. Also, your stylist sends you a little note. I had requested some warmer items since we are heading to a cold weather vacation location soon. My stylist told me why she chose the things she did and how they could be worn even with items from previous orders.

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-PhotoHere are my spoils from this fix. This is my fourth one and each one has been quite different. Here’s the run down for this one: The pants fit fabulously. They are a color I would not choose on my own – I tend to stick with neutrals, jeans, or black. They are super comfortable and I could easily wear them while hanging with my kiddos and chasing babies all day. I chose to keep those. I also kept the polka dot sweater. I loved the fit and it was very comfortable, but flattering. I loved the button down shirt, however, the sleeves were extremely tight when rolled up even to the forearm. As much as I loved it, I couldn’t justify paying for something that didn’t fit just right. The gray and white cardigan looked really cute folded, but when I put it on I knew it would be returned. It was bulky and just felt huge. The pattern was not flattering along with the bulk and it was wool and had me scratching after about twenty seconds. I have no patience for that. Finally, the blue and black scarf was not a favorite for me. I don’t care for the royal blue and the scarf was gigantic. I could have used it for a blanket or a baby wrap to wear both babies. I’m just too little to make a scarf that large look right and again, I have no patience for the extra work.
Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

Step 4: Decide the keeps from the returns and place the returns in the prepaid envelope. Adios!

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

Step 5: This is the best part…Place the package in YOUR OWN MAILBOX! Don’t forget to raise the little flag 🙂

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

Step 6: Checkout. Go online or to the app. I always use the app as it’s super easy to navigate and right at my fingertips. This is what your screen will look like.

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

You will be taken through each item in your box. You choose return or keep, then give a quick explanation of your thoughts on the item. You can give further detail in the comments section. I always do this part if I don’t like something and often, my next fix will have a similar item, but in a style I LOVE!

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

After you’ve gone through each item, you follow through to checkout. You will pay for the items you choose to keep and you will receive a $20 credit towards those items.  That credit is the $20 styling fee that was charged to your card initially. If you have any referral credits, they will be applied to your total at this time, also. In the event that you didn’t like anything, which is possible for your first fix, you will be out that $20 styling fee. I look at it as me driving all around town with my kids trying to find something specific to wear and not finding it. I have never had a fix in which I kept nothing, however.

Now, let’s say you like EVERYTHING in your box. This happened in my third one. Now, that seems like a large chunk of dinero to drop at one time, but I’m telling you, it was all fabulous and different than what I’d choose on my own! So, in that case you get the $20 credit, any referral credits, plus, if you keep all five items, you receive a 25% discount!!!!! Uh, hello?! That’s awesome!

Ok, so, you’ve gone through the checkout process and you are directed to the screens below. You can be specific about something else you’d like to see in your next fix, schedule the next one, and choose how often you’d like to receive them. Here’s the great thing: you can change the frequency any time you’d like. I have been known to change from “Every 3 months” to “Every 2 to 3 weeks” to “Every month” and finally to “Every other month.” If you find that you don’t need your next one, you can skip or cancel with the touch of your finger. You are not held to any kind of contract or required to do it a minimum amount of times. It’s a win-win, I tell you!

Longview-Stitch Fix-Fashion-Photo

There it is, friends. Oh and one more thing, this is important, it is NOT just for women! They also carry men’s clothing! So, for the guy that hates shopping, or the girl who wants to get her guy styled…boom. There you go.

I hope this is helpful to you. Try it out! I say give it at least two fixes to decide. Be sure to give lots of details in your profile and be very clear about your style in your responses. Happy easiest shopping ever! Let me know how it goes! And don’t forget that referral link, I will love you forever.