As much as I hate to see summer coming to an end, I am THRILLED to welcome in Seniors Class of 2019! Y’all did it! This is HUGE! Some of you feel like you have been ready since kindergarten graduation, some of you are not anywhere near ready to be totally independent, most of you will fall somewhere in between. 

No matter how you feel about your last year of high school, know that it will FLY! A blink is not a strong enough description of how quickly it will go. It will be so jammed with all things senior that much of it will be a long blurry list of to-do’s. At the top of that hazey, never ending list, though, needs to be your senior portraits!

Your senior portraits are meant to be a fun experience that portrays not only who you are, but the many layers of you! It’s a time to get creative. We will capture the many activities you are a part of, interests you have, along with amazing portraits that will make your personality shine.

Check out the slideshow below to get a small glimpse of senior portraits with Melissa Ann Photography!

Are you pumped?! You should be, this is your year! So, Longview and surrounding area, time to own it! Click here to book your session today!