Welcome to Melissa Ann Photography’s Senior Model Experience!

The MAP Senior Model Experience is more than just having your senior pictures taken and talking about Melissa Ann Photography. I do not expect you to carry around cards, passing them out saying, “Choose Melissa Ann Photography!” 

So, wait, then what’s the point of a model program?

Here’s the deal. While I do want you to talk about your senior portraits and your sessions, it’s not because you feel forced to say scripted things. What I want is for you to LOVE your Senior Model Experience so much, that you just WANT to tell people and show them your portraits. My job is to create fabulous senior portraits that show your style, interests, and personality while also enhancing all your outer beauty and style, as well. It’s my job to highlight your world and your perspective in this amazing last year of high school.

The Who, What, When, and How of the Senior Model Experience

For the Class of 2018 I will be opening up 12 SENIOR MODEL SPOTS for Seniors in Gregg County and seniors that attend Hallsville High School. I am looking for individuals who LOVE being in front of the camera, individuals who are easy going and don’t mind going with the flow, individuals that are involved in positive activities inside and outside of school, and individuals who want to make their final year of high school the most exciting and memorable year yet!

Lights, Camera, Action! The photo sessions…

Styled Portrait Session:

Each 2018 Senior Model will have an INCREDIBLE styled session, complete with hair and makeup. This styled session will be planned and organized based on the feel and look I think will flatter each person. While there is potential for this to become a group session with the other seniors, it may also be an individual styled session. 

Custom Senior Portrait Session:

Your senior year is a MAJOR milestone and your senior portraits need to not only represent the you of today, but they need to reflect the many sides of you. You are a dynamic person standing on top of the world, ready to take it on and Melissa Ann Photography captures that for you. While you continue on with your life plans and become an even better version of yourself, you will never forget the fire and passion that started you in the right direction. I want to know about those things that ignite your spirit and those things that shape your personality and style. Your CUSTOM SENIOR PORTRAIT SESSION is all about YOU!

Bonus Sessions:

The opportunity for bonus portrait sessions is there throughout the year. There is a possibility for a wide range of these sessions and they are reserved for MAP Senior Models who go above and beyond. The ones who truly have a great time in front of the camera and who spread the word about how much fun they are having with Melissa Ann Photography Senior Portrait Sessions. Bonus portrait sessions are super fun. Think PROM, think Best Friends, etc. The sky’s the limit!


The Melissa Ann Photography Senior Model Experience begins at $149. I offer a few different product collections that MAP Senior Models receive an exclusive discount on for their Custom Senior Portrait Session, as well as discounted products from any other portrait session they were involved in. Further details will be discussed as part of the application process. 

To apply to the MAP Senior Model Program, the senior and a parent must be willing to meet Melissa to discuss full details of the program and the requirements. No senior will be accepted that does not have parent approval. 

the application…

Ok, it all sounds amazing, right? I’m so excited to get everything rolling and to start capturing your best year ever! The first step is to talk to your parents and let them read all the good stuff above. If everyone is on board, then off you go to fill out your application! Once your application is complete and has been submitted, I will be in touch within 48 hours to let you know it’s been received and what the next step will be. 

Thank you so much for allowing me this privilege of stepping into your world and for giving me the honor of capturing your awesome senior year!

Much love,