I had the great privilege of photographing the Spring Hill Dixie Baseball 10U All Stars this year. While I don’t regularly photograph sporting events, it is such a fun experience and an exciting environment. 

These kiddos are in love with the game of baseball and they devoted countless hours to bettering themselves and their team.

With a new school year fast approaching for Longview, TX and surrounding areas, I find myself reminiscing about this incredibly speedy-gone-in-a-flash summer. Much of the break was dedicated to this Spring Hill 10U team and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

So, in honor of that reminiscing, I bring you the highlights reel. 

These boys worked hard and proved themselves at this first tournament. Such a great feeling!

They earned a bit of time to be themselves!

Spring Hill-Dixie-10U All Stars-Photo

Shortly after their win in Spring Hill it was off to serious competition. I’m proud of these kiddos and their effort.

We finished off the season with a rough loss, but the boys battled hard.

Overall, the kids learned a great deal about the game of baseball and about themselves. They made some new friendships and strengthened old ones. What a pleasure it is to watch your children grow and learn in something they love so much.

“You don’t need a ticket to see some of the best baseball in the world, you just need to drive one of the players to the game.”

Until next season, Spring Hill!