Sports in small-ish Texas towns are no joke, and it’s no different here in Longview. There is serious competition for each extra-curricular activity, and several high schools that boast a great deal of school spirit.

Spring Hill ISD is home to Spring Hill High School. This district pridefully refers to itself as Panther Nation and these kids not only know how to show that school spirit, they also know a great deal about being good people. 

Ethan is about to begin his sophomore year at Spring Hill High School, but last school year he made the Spring Hill High School baseball team. For a family that loves baseball as much as his, making the team is just perfect. 

I had the opportunity to photograph Ethan on the Panther baseball field and we had a great time. Ethan is the kind of person you just can’t help but like. He’s friendly, respectful, and gives up the smiles pretty easily.

Spring Hill-High School-Senior-Portraits-Photo

Ethan talked me through some of the motions he goes through before batting. I love how everyone develops their own methods to set up for their swing or how they get their head in the game. 

Spring Hill-High School-Panthers-Portrait-Photographer-Photo

I really enjoyed this portrait session and can’t wait to see what this year holds for Ethan.

Spring Hill-High School-Panthers-Portrait-Photographer-Photo

Let’s go, Spring Hill!