Summertime portraits can be so dreamy and wonderful, even when you live in Longview, Texas, where it can reach one million and fifty-two degrees in the shade (I’m pretty sure that was on the official weather report for the day). While we’ve had a mild summer compared to some, it still can be challenging to get those family and child portraits in without everyone dripping sweat, being beet red in the face, and generally grumpy. 

The key to these summertime portrait sessions is really shooting at the coolest parts of the day and making these sessions fairly quick. In reality, when shooting toddlers, the sessions should be shorter than the norm anyway since they get worn out much faster than older kiddos would.

I took my youngest set of twins out to a nearby overgrown lot for some quick, summertime, all-American photos. We were out there for no more than 15 minutes, but that’s all we needed! 

I pulled out a vintage Coca-Cola wagon that I’ve had for years (and never used), Weston’s snuggly bear, and a flag scarf. Then, I just let them play and explore. I didn’t try to pose anything, the best pictures come from just letting them do their natural thing.

Who can resist this precious little face?! Not I!

Weston was over it all in a few minutes so I took couple more quick snaps and he was escorted home, by big brother 🙂

Next up was Anna, who was playing in a puddle as I photographed Weston. She is not a prissy little gal. She loves getting dirty, so I knew I had only a few minutes before she’d want to head back to the puddles.

This little miss is something else. What a joy it is to have a girl added to our crew. I love her little sassy self and her expressions. So. Much. Fun!

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my littles. I can’t wait to document your little ones, as well!