Newborn twins, Anna and Weston? What?! Wait, I thought they were almost two! 

know, I knoooooow! Y’all, I realized something the other day as I was posting the summertime portrait session pictures. I was sitting there staring at my adorable, precious twinlets, cruising down memory lane to all of their little milestones when it hit me. I NEVER shared their newborn photos!!! GASP, hangs head in shame. 

So, yes, this is INCREDIBLY outdated, but they were precious, teeny-tiny babies, and twins, AND my second set, which I lovingly call the second edition twins or twins 2.0 as my brother likes to call them. Therefore, I think sharing their newborn photos now is not at all that far off :oP I mean, seriously, just scroll down and you’ll see what I’m talking about…go ahead…

Now, just a little backstory and tiny glimpse into my circus…I took these photos just a few weeks after we got home. They were so tiny, words can’t do it justice. I knew I needed to get these pictures done before they started their growth spurts as babies are known to do, so I pulled out all of my posing gear, nursed both babies, and loaded all five of my children into our game room where I could keep an eye on everyone. 

Let me just tell you, that’s not how a normal newborn session goes. I ended up splitting it up into two days because it was a little too much crazy even for me with everyone in one room. However, I did get a few gems that I will cherish always.

Although it was a little extra chaotic, I’m so thankful that I took the time to capture these moments. It goes faster with every single child, and despite knowing this, I’m blown away each time. My heart is full.

Even though I took these pictures within a reasonable amount of time after their birth, I didn’t get their announcements out in quite as timely a manner.

I chalk it up to life, and having five kids, and having two sets of twins…you better believe I’m throwing that one in there, but they did finally go out!

Five months later! :oP Don’t worry, I made up for by adding one of their four month pictures to the back! Yes, if you do the math you will realize that they still didn’t go out right after those pictures were done. Oh well! They were worth the wait…in more ways than one.