I had the extreme pleasure of photographing this beautiful girl earlier this month. Kylie agreed to be my model for a styled session that I’ve been dreaming up for a long time, and she rocked it! The session I had in mind was simple, soft, and natural. I couldn’t have imagined anything better. As you can see, Kylie doesn’t need any frills, she is a natural beauty. The best part, though, is that it shines from the inside, as well. 

I was thrilled to have Destiny Belt Makeup Artistry be a part of this experience. She nailed the makeup. I only wish I could have her do my makeup each and every day!


The one extra touch I knew I wanted from the beginning was a fresh floral crown. Now, I know there are plenty of DIY-ers out there and I’m one of them for many things, but not for live plants or flowers. I kill them. Every. Single. Time. I even killed “unkillable lucky bamboo” once. That’s in quotes to emphasize my irritation for the person who sold it to me. 

Anyway, I knew this was out of my league, so I contacted Rashell, owner and floral designer of Timber Bloom Design. I had already seen some of her work, but the moment I walked into her studio space and spoke with her, I knew she would create exactly what I wanted. I can assure you, I will be working with her as much as possible. 

She created this incredible fresh floral crown, and it made everything come together beautifully. 

Kylie and her mother found this beautiful dress at H&M here in Longview. It’s as though all the stars aligned for this styled session.


With all of these elements, the only thing left was to find the right location and follow the light.


Kylie powered through the mosquitoes that found us at the end and never a complaint was made.

I’m so thankful for her participation and cannot wait to work with her again. The wheels are turning and every time I look at these images, I have more ideas to add to a notebook.

Kylie, I hope your experience was a fabulous one. I hope that you enjoyed being in the spotlight. Most of all, I hope that you realize you are amazing, kind, and have the world at your finger tips. I hope you reach out and grab it, taking the reigns. You get to decide your place in this world. You get to decide who belongs at your side. Be sure the people in your tribe lift you up, and you will fly!

Much love,