This beautiful family is fairly new to the Longview area, as Josh joined Longview Orthopaedic Clinic Association last year. I am so very thankful that he joined them, because his wife, Sarah, has become a great friend of mine. 

Their three girls are absolutely precious, and play so well with my crew. 

Sarah asked me to capture a picture of Josh with his girls along with a few other things.

But, we couldn’t have pictures with dad and not mom! 

This sweet family recently purchased a new home in the area and decided on a session in their new space. It’s absolutely perfect and I just love family sessions in and around a family’s own home. You can’t get more personalized than that!

I had so much fun playing with these girls. They were very good about letting me know if anyone was sneaking up behind me. I may have had to deal with some rabbit ears or the occasional moose antlers to get these. I’m so glad they saved me from embarrassment. I mean, who has ever been harassed with moose antlers?!

Each of these gorgeous ladies has their own vibrant personality. I adore those moments where they let them shine through.

And what a fabulous couple! 

I’m thankful to know this family and look forward to seeing wonderful things headed their way. Sarah and Josh, enjoy your beautiful new home!