So, you’ve chosen your wall for your images from your session, or vacation, wedding, or Great Aunt Betty’s Luau Party (Ha!). Now, you need to figure out what image or combination of images to put up on that wall. How do we get from there to creating a wall gallery and in what format?

I’m going to share wall gallery ideas one at a time as scrolling through many options overwhelms me, and I shut down, and give up… and find the cookies. I don’t want you to give up. I want you to get those images printed. Decorate your homes with the faces of people that bring you joy. I promise you, you will catch yourself smiling as you pass by or glance from across the room!

This particular option is a four image gallery. This example shows the images as canvases, however you can easily replicate it with framed images granted you have enough wall space. Or, if you’re getting brave, you can add more images to the gallery. But…baby steps, y’all. Don’t go nuts for your first wall gallery AND bigger than 5×7 prints.


A simple, but beautiful wall gallery option for your family images containing 20×30 and 16×20 images.

Just as it states in the caption, this gallery is comprised of two 20×30 canvases and two 16×20 canvases. Here’s what else I’d like you to notice…a 20×30 is not a small print by any means, however, if you opted for one 20×30 on a wall above a sofa such as this, it would appear so very out of place. 

By choosing several larger products together you have filled and balanced the space beautifully. This type of gallery works wonderfully for family sessions, newborns, weddings, really any number of sessions. I encourage you to visit my last post that illustrated a size comparison of images above a couch. It will help so much, especially if you are a visual person.

With that, I will leave you to your planning. Best of luck and be sure to share what you’ve created! Happy decorating!