One of the reasons I love Watch Me Grow plans for babies, is because I get to spend so much time with the family, too. I get to watch them grown into a new version of themselves and if they have other kids involved, I get bonus kiddos to know and love!

The Fite Family is just one of those families and Pamela’s three month session was also their Christmas edition session. The Fite Family enjoys lifestyle and posed type images within their own home, which makes my heart happy! Plus, like stated in an Instagram post, they look like the perfect magazine family!

The men of the house!

This whole big brother thing is still new and I LOVE his expressions through these!

He did such a great job that I had to bring him a Santa hat since he clearly earned it. 

This lady right here is pretty inspiring! She is a runner and continued doing it throughout her pregnancy. Now, just close to four months after having this precious little baby, she’s running the Disney Marathon

And this little lady is going along to cheer her on!

I can’t wait for their next session and to share it with y’all! Until then, you can just come back here and admire their tree. All the heart eyes!

Until then,