In my previous wall gallery post, I shared a canvas or acrylic print option that would be great for your playroom or general living area. 

Today, I’m going to share another wall gallery idea to help get those brains going. This particular wall gallery is a great one for your family sessions. Many times you are presented with many amazing images from your family session, and it’s just too hard to choose one to print big. In that case, consider choosing one large full family image in the center, and surround it with the several other favorites from your session that include individuals of the kids or different combinations of your kids together. The surrounding images could even be the more playful images surrounding the more serious full family image.

This particular example includes 1 – 20×24 with a 3” mat and 1.5” moulding; 2 –  8x10s in 11×14 mats with a 1” moulding & 2 – 5x7s in an 8×10” mat with 1” moulding. If these numbers start making you feel anxious, then consult a reputable frame shop to help you out. They can walk you through the whole process and help you size your mats and frames better than the quick framing options and large local retailers.

Wall Gallery-family-portrait-wall display-photo

The beauty of this gallery option, is that you can build on it, by adding additional images. Just be sure to keep it balanced. Whatever you do to one side, be sure to mirror it on the other. Of course, you must keep the size of you wall in mind when choosing your sizes and images, but don’t be afraid to fill up the space with larger images.

Happy decorating!