Whether you are looking for a floral designer for your upcoming wedding, or to create a few pieces for your home, or even for a beautiful custom designed corsage, I have the place for you, Longview! 

Timber Bloom Design began as a custom floral design business out of Rashell’s home in January 2017 and officially opened the floral studio (by appointment only) in June of 2017. Today, I’m sharing the space and the story of this wonderful local business. 

I met up with Rashell to ask her a few questions about her business and to give y’all a peek of her gorgeous studio space. Read on to learn more.


What carried you this direction? Has this always been your plan?

I owned a business, Sweet Pickins Vintage Rentals from 2012-2014 with a wonderful business partner and precious friend. We initially started out renting props for weddings and photo shoots but quickly realized that adding the extra touches (aka…styling) especially with fresh flowers was our favorite part. As people saw what we did, the request for floral designs grew. My business partner decided to focus again on her love of selling vintage finds and sold me her portion of the business in 2014. I continued to offer rentals for events but my love and knowledge for floral design continued growing along with those clients and I realized that floral design was my future. So, after months of prayer and consideration, we closed Sweet Pickins in January 2016 and immediately started Timber Bloom Design the same month.


What has been the scariest/most difficult thing for you and your business?

I think that one of the scariest things for me and I believe for most creatives is “putting yourself out there”. We have dreams and ideas within us, but there is always that moment where you have to let go and wait to see if people respond to what you’re doing and hope that they love it as much as you love creating it.


How do your studio and creations stand out among others?

Timber Bloom Design is inspired by nature, and I think my designs let those textures and details be the focus. An interesting floral design in my opinion, makes you want to slow down and look a little closer.  I don’t want to just choose blooms or greenery to fill a vase. Tucking a few new textures or blooms into a piece that surprise or intrigue someone is one of the many reasons why design can be so fascinating.  By setting up my studio, by appointment only, each order is a priority and each client gets 110% of my effort to give them the best result possible. Nothing leaves my studio unless I am proud of how it looks.

What services do you offer?

Complete custom fresh floral design for engagements, bridal shoots, weddings, showers, photo shoots (including on-site styling for photographers), and event floral design. Also LIMITED orders for : custom seasonal design for homes and businesses, storefront and residential outdoor planters, and single occasion arrangements (such as birthdays, anniversaries, funerals) based on availability.  


What new things are you going out of your way to learn and apply in your craft?

I am always trying to learn new techniques and ideas, especially using more organic, natural textures, like wood, moss, succulents, pods… etc. Example: I made my first floral/greenery dress using a vintage dress form for our grand opening. I could see it in my mind and loved seeing it transform and come to life. There are so many exciting things happening in the floral industry and my wheels are always turning. One floral trend that I would love to do more of for my East Texas clients, that I learned to do last year in Oregon from the amazing floral designer Francoise Weeks, are botanical pieces like corsages, hairpieces, jewelry bouquets and woodland centerpieces.


What is a favorite new trend of yours? 

The floral tattoo created by Susan Leary of Passionflower Sue. The delicate florals and botanicals are gently applied to the skin to actually look like a fresh flower tattoo. It is stunning and one of the next techniques I hope to learn and offer for styled photo shoots, weddings, and events.


What inspires you? Why?

Nature and God’s beautiful creation have filled me with quiet wonder ever sense I was a little girl. God is the most incredible artist and painter I have ever seen. Just sit quietly and watch the sky change colors ever few seconds during a sunset like a living painting or walk quietly through the woods and listen. I look at the intricate details in a piece of bark on a tree or the petals of a flower and I am inspired again and again. Also, my wonderful family with their continuous support and encouragement always inspire me to believe in myself and continue dreaming and creating. 

What do you like best about owning your own creative business?

The freedom to determine what’s important to me in life, like faith and family, and then fashion my business around those priorities, not the other way around. Also, to be able to be true to my design style and be brave in trying new ideas and growing with my own brand. Also, it is wonderful to be your own boss, but it definitely takes more discipline.


On a personal note: guilty pleasure?

Travel (especially if a mountain is involved), great coffee, sweet potato fries and a day of binge watching Downton Abbey or Poldark on PBS (with a big bowl of garlic popcorn). Yes, I am a period show geek!!!

If you weren’t a floral designer, what would you be doing instead?

Well, I think if I had another dream job it would be something found in the garden, probably as an organic cut flower farmer or even a landscape designer.


What are your most favorite flowers and why?

Some of my current favorites are lisianthus, scabiosa, ranunculus, astrantia, nigella, garden roses in muted tones, white veronica, jasmine vine… oh gosh! I could go on forever on my list of flowers I love!

I am drawn to flowers, greenery and other natural elements that I would find walking through the forest or the English countryside a hundred years ago. Ferns, moss, succulents, poppy pods and many varieties of greenery like willow eucalyptus and cedar are on my favorites list too. Lisianthus in white is a favorite because it’s a sweet gentle bloom bit also it reminds me of a beloved literary character, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. 


In general, what should people look for in a floral designer when planning their events? Are there things that people frequently overlook that you specifically draw attention to?

A floral designer who is talented in their abilities of course but also listens well is so important. We should be working with the client to bring their vision to life and listening to their ideas and even concerns is a part of insuring that they have a great experience with you. I recommend that you look at their previous work and see if you feel that your styles would be a good fit. I am finding recently however that many clients love flowers but are ready for “someone new” that I haven’t seen before and that’s exciting to be able to bring a fresh perspective, if you can.

My clients appreciate that I give very clear wedding and event proposals with pricing deposits and deadlines that are easy to understand. Flowers are usually only a portion of an event budget and “hidden fees” from a vendor are not a welcome experience.

Can you explain your process of design from start to finish? Do you follow a similar pattern of organizing yourself or does each client require a different process?

Clients contact me for their desired event or order. Once I check availability on my schedule, then the design conversation begins. For instance, most brides in 2018 have a wedding Pinterest board before we even meet for their initial consultation. They share those images with me and submit a bridal questionnaire ahead of time, so I can get a feel for their wedding style.

At their first consultation, we discuss details and all their ideas and wishes for the big day. After I create a wedding proposal, it is sent to the client for approval and then they can choose to place their deposit to reserve Timber Bloom for their wedding date or event.

Each client is unique and so I create a fresh design plan for each person. Some clients want to be more involved along the way in the details while others simply trust my design process and vision for them and want a few surprises. One of the best compliments to hear is, “Whatever you decide. I trust you completely!”

What do you aim to offer your clients with every interaction?

The sense that they are genuinely important to me and the peace of mind to know that I have this part handled completely and they can breath and really enjoy their event.  I love what I am so blessed to do and I want them to love what I create for them. It brings me joy to be able to bring something beautiful into someone’s life, even in something as simple as a fresh arrangement to sit on their desk.


What do you believe is most important for your clients to know or understand when choosing you as their designer?

The excellence of my work and the desire to give 110% to each and every client is crucial to me. I understand what an honor it is for someone to choose Timber Bloom Design, and ultimately me, for some of the most important moments of their lives. Those are precious memories and I get to bring my very best for each one and share in their joy. I don’t take that lightly and I strive to not only meet but exceed each client’s expectations.

Rashell is truly a joy to work with and has such a passion for creating exactly what you need, whether you directed the whole thing or gave her creative freedom. I cannot say enough good things, but really her designs and personality speak for themselves. 

Contact her today for projects big or small. She will give equal amounts of detail and dedication to them all.