2018 was an amazing year and it deserves an official “Year in Review.” I had the opportunity to photograph so many incredible people and places. I hosted my first photography shootout, learned more about local businesses, like Emily Rae’s and Dove Hollow Estate along with their stories, I attended two fabulous themed shootouts hosted by Lindsay Steele, and another by the fabulous Timberbloom Design and Ashley Hill Photography, played with lighting, followed kids playing a sport they love with all their heart, documented milestones within a little one’s first year of life, along with several seniors in their last year of high school. I have been blessed by each and every one of you and I’m beyond thankful for your support and love. These images are just the surface level of what I covered, but it’s a great sampling to share and say, THANK YOU!

Now, bring on 2019! Hit me up to book your session, today!