He’s popped the question, you said yes, and now it’s time to hit the ground running. There are many vendors you will have to contact and hire, and it can be so overwhelming. Today, I’m going to help ease your mind when it comes to choosing your wedding cake. Below are tips shared by one of the best in Longview, Jennifer of Calavera Cakery.


5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

1. Book Early…to make sure you get the cake artist you want. The good ones book pretty far in advance and you don’t want to be left scrambling. 

2. Do Your Researchand make sure you look at cakes they have made in the past. You want to be sure they are capable of making the design you want. 

3. Try it! Don’t hesitate, go ahead and taste the cakes! You want to be sure it looks as good as it tastes, and tastes as good as it looks. You can set up a time with the cake artist to taste several different kinds. 


4. Check ReviewsLots of good reviews means you won’t have to worry that the cake will be less than what you envision.

5. Always Have a ContractThis may sound unnecessary for a cake, but it’s so important to have clear expectations and know what both parties are agreeing to. It protects the cake artist if anything were to go awry and it protects you, the client, if you did not receive what was agreed upon.


This incredible cake was designed by Calavera Cakery specifically for the styled Wild Wonder shootout, organized and designed last July by Ashley Hill Photography and Timberbloom Design. Go ahead, fall in love…it’s that great! 😍

Bonus Tip!

6. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest…is your friend! If you don’t know exactly what you want, just start pinning away at what you’re drawn to. You’ll begin to see a trend in what catches your eye. A great cake artist will use this as a tool. Jennifer says she always looks at your Pinterest boards to get a really good idea of what you like, not just cakes, but overall style. She takes a lot of notes and combines those with what you have already discussed. That’s when her expertise lights up and she can begin designing for you!

So, whether you want something incredibly elaborate and unique, or something simple and delicate, these tips will help you on your quest for the perfect cake artist and wedding cake. 


Best of luck!