Last month I held my first studio event. It was something that popped into my head in early December, when a friend of mine posted on Facebook, a question about teaching her daughter about wearing makeup. 

I had suggested, and would suggest to anyone in this season of life, that you contact a professional makeup artist. There’s a time and place for the MAC counter at the mall, and while Ulta is fun to wander through and pick up some goodies, it’s not the place I’d opt for when teaching a young tween girl about how to apply makeup herself. 

A few days passed and I couldn’t get this out of my mind. It led to the Beautiful You Event. I wanted to create a fun and special environment for the attendees. As I spoke to the fabulous, Andria, of Smitten Kittens by Andria (MUA), of what I was envisioning, things began to fall into place. 

My goal was for the girls to NOT be coated in heavy makeup, and feel like they needed to look like they were tweens going on 25. I wanted them to understand that they could use makeup as a tool to enhance their natural beauty. Girls are pressured from every direction with the media, Hollywood, magazines, and girls around them everyday to be something they are not, to change themselves to suit the masses. I cannot tell you how strongly I feel about these kids not growing up too fast. With that in mind, I remember being a young girl. I remember wanting to be older, look older, act older. I want these girls to feel confident in themselves and be leaders in the best possible way. 

My hope is that these girls felt pampered, but also confident in how beautiful they are. I hope they left this event feeling like they could hold their own and help guide their friends to be themselves, and not strive to be someone else. ❤️


We began with Andria applying makeup to the girls and answering questions about products, brushes, what they can wear, and what they really don’t need at this point, such as foundation. I absolutely loved hearing these girls chime in and chat. I learned a ton just from that including that I am way behind in knowing anything about makeup 😂 The girls became quick friends and enjoyed some snacks and the homemade hot cocoa bar. 

After makeup, they went to touch up their hair and choose which outfit to begin with. Due to our small group, we had time for a lot more than we otherwise would have. Ava and Ally were able to change outfits, and as a bonus, the moms were invited to have their makeup done and join us for each portrait session. 

Without further ado, the Beautiful You attendees…



My favorite thing from this, y’all, is that these girls swapped phone numbers and were making plans to get together, despite living an hour away from one another. What a fun day – makeup, dress up, and a brand new friend. It makes my heart happy.

East Texas-Portrait-Photographer-Photo

Thank y’all so much for making this event a success. It was a complete pleasure to work with these girls, and their mamas!