Have you found yourself in need of a headshot for professional purposes? Or perhaps you’d like to up your game on your blog or social media sites, and a professional headshot will elevate the level? It has become increasingly important to have an updated photo of yourself for many reasons. So, here are some tips to help you in planning your headshots.

Know your purpose:

Share that clearly with your photographer. There’s a difference between a professional headshot for an administrative position and a headshot for a blog, or something a bit lighter. You may need something very professional on a dark background and fairly serious, or you may like something on location to suit your needs. 

Professional Headshots

Makeup & Hair:

Having your hair and makeup done may not be on your radar for headshots, however, it is a great addition. I always offer the suggestion for my clients to schedule makeup and/or hair as it adds a level of confidence to my clients. In addition, a makeup artist will know how to add highlights to your skin and add stronger makeup that the camera will pick up better than your normal, everyday wear. In the event you’d prefer to do your own makeup, no problem! Just make sure to wear your makeup a bit heavier than you would normally apply it. Here are some great tips for diy makeup for the camera. In addition to hair and makeup, please be sure to have well manicured nails. If you have polish, be sure it’s not chipped or peeling. If nails are broken, trim and file them, and be sure they are clean. 


The clothing you choose should match your purpose. If this is for the business world, a suit or professional outfit that is pulled together is a must. If your headshot is for real estate, you have a little more wiggle room depending on the brand of your company, your target market, and your personality. Always remember to dress for success. Choose clothing that is going to compliment you, this is not the time to try a new trend. I always ask my clients to layout their clothing before any session. See what patterns and textures work well together. Text pictures to me of your clothing if you need input. Find accessories that complement, but don’t distract from your face. If you’re not sure, bring a few options to the studio. Sometimes, just a shot with and then without a suit jacket give you enough variety. Choose a couple different blouses or a dress to change it up. 


You may know exactly the pose that you’d like to use, and I definitely want to create an image of you in that pose. However, if you have no clue, and are leaving it up to your photographer, that’s totally fine, too! I do suggest that you peruse Pinterest or other sites for headshot poses. Practice a few in the mirror. Save the ones you’d like to try. You may like a variety or sitting and standing poses, so don’t hesitate to plan those out. If you create a board of headshots, please share that with your photographer so they can begin mapping out the session. Here are a couple sample boards I keep handy for women and men to get your mind rolling.


This may be the hardest one. You are all ready and you’ve done all of the above. Now, relax. Let your photographer guide you through poses and just roll with it. Try not to force those smiles, don’t worry about a double chin, just let your photographer work their magic. You’ve trusted them for a reason, let them work. If they tell you something funny, it’s ok to really laugh, don’t hold back. If they tell you to turn this way or that way, just do it, they will pose you in the most flattering way. Try to have fun! You’re glammed up and looking sharp, now own it! 

If you’re in need of headshots to update your portfolio, contact me here for availability and pricing!