We all have a lot going on and with school around the corner, the lists keep getting longer. I know you have the standard classroom supply list, but here’s a back to school checklist that will prepare you for the rest, or at least help you organize it all in your head! I’m a procrastinator by nature, but with 5 kids, homeschooling, and a business to run, I have to get things in order well in advance to avoid the scramble. 

So, here’s your Back to School Prep Checklist:

Schedule haircuts – you know it’ll need to get done and that your stylist will likely be slammed the week before school begins. Contact your stylist and ask what they have available that week or two before school. Get on the books!

Call the doctor – your school will need updated shot records, physical forms, etc. within the first few weeks of school. Give your pediatrician a call now to see what your child/children may be missing and get updated so you’re ready to go.


Sportswear – this one gets me every. single. year. I’m determined to get ahead of it this year. Think about what sports your child is going to be involved in this fall. Go right now and have them try on cleats, dance shoes, ballet uniforms, socks, find the shin guards, etc. Do it now, I promise this will be worth it in the end. Plan a day this week to go purchase any necessary gear and get rid of the things that you will not use any longer. Just take them out of the mix so you don’t show up to practice with cleats two sizes too small, or without the right sized soccer ball. 

Clean out those closets – I know, I know, this is just an ugly thing to say. Just try one closet per day. Or, if it’s really overwhelming, one section of the closet each day. Go through and make a piles for donating, trashing, and keeping. Get all those shirts and pants that are too small out of there. You don’t have time in the morning rush to find your child wearing a mini shirt, who is also ready to battle you to the death for it all because you forgot to take it out of the closet.

School Supplies – This one is fairly easy. The teacher gives you a list. You purchase said items on the list. The end. Of course there are those random items that you can’t find quite as easily, but don’t whine about it. This is the age of Amazon, my friend. Just buy the things on the list and save your complaints for something more worthy. 

Order Uniforms – If your child attends a school that requires uniforms, it’s time to update and order larger sizes/different colors, etc. Many schools have links to the items directly from their websites. Go check it out and knock it off the list. You know you’ll need it. 

Schedule Overdue Appointments – All those appointments you’ve been putting off for fear of dragging your children along with you, schedule them for the week or two after they are in school. I’m talking all of them: pet shots/grooming, car servicing, dentist/doctor, that long overdue eyebrow wax 😬🤦🏼‍♀️. Just get it on the calendar before everyone realizes it the week school begins and suddenly you’re delayed by a month. 

Fall Photos – Say what?! We’re talking beginning of school, why are you throwing that in here? I know, I know. Just trust me on this one. Are you going to want fall photos taken for your Christmas cards this year? If you’re not waiting for specific Christmas-y themed photos, then contact your photographer to get scheduled. You can plan clothes, locations, and other details later, just get it scheduled so you’re not cramming it in, or even worse, your favorite photog is booked!

Get yourself a planner – or some way to organize all the upcoming events because they will hit hard and fast. You’ll be blindsided even if you were prepared. I’m sure by now you’re getting save the dates for events from church to personal family things. Make sure you have it all in a place that you can see quickly and easily. Even better…in a place where your whole family can see it. 

Plan last minute hoorahs – Anything you want to throw in before school starts? Plan it out so you don’t reach the end of summer and say, “We could have done that, why didn’t we?”

Preserve those memories – Set aside a day before school begins, or perhaps right after it starts to go through all your summer photos. Organize, catalog, share, and please, please print them! There are countless ways to show them, but perhaps consider compiling them into a summer book. Mpix offers fabulous albums and books that will be wonderful to preserve those memories. 

Before you know it, you will all be back to the daily grind. You’ll be patting yourself on the back for being ahead of the game…at least for a little while 😘.