We have all been thrown for a loop with the Covid-19 Virus. This has hit many extremely hard and left many more dumbfounded and sitting around unsure of what to do with all of the time on their hands. There’s no rhyme or reason to something of this magnitude. We could try to wrap our minds around it for hours at a time and still be left uncertain, nervous, baffled, and in a state of limbo. 

 So, this forced pause, this world shut down leaves us all feeling a little lost, but we’ve seen beauty through all of this, as well. 

Ask yourself…

  1. What good has come out of this time? 
  2. Where have I seen beauty?
  3. Have I made connections or reinforced others?
  4. Have I noticed the time with loved ones that I would have otherwise missed? Especially those with graduating seniors?
  5. What has been precious in this chaos? 
  6. Do I find myself smiling more?  
  7. What has made you cry? How did you pick yourself back up?

How can you document your view now?

It’s the little moments within our days that add up to the the big things we remember. It’s the insignificant things that somehow come back in our memory as a happy or difficult event. Every single moment has importance, even when we don’t recognize it. So, document the mundane, take note of it.  We often realize the importance of a moment after it has gone and wish we had something more tangible to hold on to. 

  1. Grab your phone or camera and keep it handy.
  2. Step back from whatever is happening in a room and just observe. What is beautiful in that moment? What is frustrating in that moment? Embrace the chaos or the peace and just snap a picture. 
  3. The details matter, so don’t be afraid to move in close to notice them. Little hands working on something as simple as play-doh. Bigger hands, that resemble more of an man than the boy who you’re sure was there just a second ago, as he writes.
  4. It’s not about perfection, it’s not about knowing how to use a camera, it’s all about seeing and appreciating the time you’ve been given.
  5. Black and white photos are timeless. They convey mood beautifully and are a favorite of mine for these kinds of projects. You can convert your photos to black in white on the computer or straight from your phone. I like to use apps such as Snapseed and PicTapGo.
  6. These pictures that you collect can be made into a quick and simple, but meaningful book using Artifact Uprising


Get started!

The biggest thing is just to start! Don’t wait to set up a room or a shot, that’s not what this is about. Plus, if you convert to black and white, it’s more forgiving if the house is a mess 😜. I am including a free printable to make this easier for you and to keep it on your mind. Print it out and just keep it on the counter as a reminder. 

The best thing about this, is it doesn’t have to be done only during this pandemic. It’s a great project for any time that can be ongoing or limited to certain time periods. Have fun!

Make memories! Document your days!