Senior Feature – Lauren, Pewitt High School Class of 2020

Covid-19 has robbed students everywhere of so many milestones, events, and normal school memories. This year has been particularly hard for the high school seniors and I want them to have as many moments of celebration as possible. Today’s senior feature, is Lauren, who I had the absolute pleasure of photographing in the fall. Here’s Lauren to tell you a bit about her story:

“Hiiii, I’m Lauren Morris😁 from Pewitt High School. Through high school I have been involved with volleyball, softball, track, powerlifting, student council, National Honors Society, my class treasurer, Blazing Blue Brahma Band, and I am member of my schools color guard. My plans for college are to attend University of Arkansas at Monticello and be a member of their color guard in their band🤩. I plan to major in health science and become an Occupational Therapist👩🏻‍⚕️.

With the pandemic of Covid-19, me and my classmates have really missed each other and will never get this time back😢. I personally have learned a new type of bored🤦🏻‍♀️ and there are only so many ways to move your room around. I am actually very upset with how the break has come about, it feels like we are being forced to dislike our family with spending all this time with them. (But I still love them❤️)”

“To the world🌎 , life for all the seniors right now is really hard. There is so much we will not get to do and so much we won’t ever have a chance to do, like a normal graduation, prom, senior trips, senior accolades, and banquets.  All of the seniors hearts are hurt💔pray for the seniors of 2020.”

Lauren, I wish you all the best in the coming days. I hope that though the celebrations may not be as big as expected, you find reasons to celebrate the little wins and joy you have experienced over the last several weeks and for the weeks to come. Congratulations!