I’ve been photographing this fabulous family for a couple of years now and it’s always a blast. I met them originally for their fall family portraits when Laura was pregnant with her second little girl. Shortly after that I had the honor of photographing that precious, little one.




I’ve been able to watch these sweet girls grow along the way.


I adore the fact that they include their dogs and choose to do their photos at home as a sort of tradition to see how they grow as a family. Photos with purpose and meaning, however simple, are my favorite! Here they are in 2019! I will have to dig out the 2018 images from another hard drive 😊

And now 2020!


This year they have some more exciting news! They used the two photos below to help announce that they are expecting another little girl!

Images like the one below always make me thing of old-timey photos. The ones we look back on generations later and wonder what they must have been like, or what they were doing. It’s such a classic and timeless thing…a beautiful mama with her children. Simple, but tells a story none-the-less.

On to another year of adventures. Thank you for choosing me to capture your timeless family moments ❤️.